The Nerdy Girl Out

One of my rats (Amy Pond) isn’t doing very well. We found out this morning she probably doesn’t have too much time left with us. My roommate and I were absolutely devastated. We decided to go ahead and get tattoos to mark how much she, and our other rats (River Song and Idris), mean to us and how much we will always love them. I chose to get three sets of rat paw prints from my left shoulder blade, across my shoulder, leading toward my heart. Max decided on a hieroglyphic take on Amy’s markings on his arm.  

She is one of my first rats I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, and I will cherish the time I have left for her. 

Edit: I realize rats only have 4 toes on their front paws, but I wanted them to mirror human hands in that sense. This is for two reasons… to represent that they are more than just animals to me, and to represent the people who have also left marks on my heart. That may not make sense to everyone, but this is for me… so there you go. 

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